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Why “Peabody & Co Designs”?  We officially started this business in 2020 - like everyone, we were stuck at home much of that year (a pandemic will do that!), and our three dogs were always underfoot -- so we named our business after them (see more about them below!).

We're a husband and wife team (Brian and Nancy) and we enjoy creating beautiful, individually-crafted and personalized items for home, as well as unique items for gifts, special events, and more.

This small business grew out of another one-  Brian owned a custom knife shop for several years, and enjoyed using his laser for other work as well. A couple of his favorite projects were promotional items for a local axe throwing business AND all kinds of personalized Christmas ornaments, since that’s his favorite time of year!

When he sold the knife business in early 2020, we decided to pivot and start a new business - Peabody & Co Designs.  While we’re both also busy with our full-time careers/day jobs, this is a rewarding and fun creative outlet for us as a couple.

We're adding new products all the time - if there's something you'd like, let us know and we'll work with you to create it!

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It's Mr. Peabody.... & Co!

And here's the namesake of the company,  Mr. Peabody.   You'll recognize him from our logo - one ear up and one ear down!

He, Rudy and Jack are our three pups - Rudy (the black dog) is the quiet one; Mr. Peabody and Jack are both loud and like to think they're in charge!   The three dogs and our younger son keep us very busy!

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